Sustainability Champion

Open to individuals

This category is open to individuals who have inspired real change in your organisation and have contributed positively to the awareness of Sustainable Development in Wales

Sustainable Space

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Open to all venues, places and spaces this category recognises innovative approaches to creating low carbon, resilient, safe and attractive communities.

Sustainable Business

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This category is open to leading businesses and entrepreneurs who have demonstrated that adopting sustainability principles leads to business success.

Sustainable Innovation in the Public Sector

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Open to public sector bodies, or those who have worked closely with them, this award recognises a team, project, institution or partnership that has demonstrated exceptional performance in sustainability

Sustainable Community

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The winner will be an inspirational group or project that has achieved transformational change within their community

Sustainable Innovation in Procurement or Supply Chain

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This award highlights the organisation that has most clearly supported the growth of a sustainable supply chain - as a supplier, developer or with sustainable procurement.

Outstanding Social Enterprise

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We're looking for an exemplar social enterprise which can demonstrate a big and inclusive impact in delivering its products or activities

Outstanding Renewable Energy Project

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This award recognises a renewable energy project or installation that is of an exceptionally high standard. Entries must be able to demonstrate exceptional practice (design, construction, performance, health & safety.)

Sustainable Education or Training

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Celebrates the school, educational institution or in-house initiative that has developed an innovative high impact approach to sustainable development education and learning.