Outstanding Social Enterprise

Be inspired by our three finalists

The winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony on 28 November.

Credu Charity Ltd - SeaQuest: Coastal Science and Education Schools Programme

A coastal science and education programme which promotes the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of the coast.

The SeaQuest Programme started in 2015 and has continued to develop, adapt and align to changing legislation in particular the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act. In 2017 a shift from an events based approach to a schools education approach, targeting Primary and the first year in Secondary School has seen the programme grow exponentially. The programme has delivered to over 50 primary and secondary schools in the academic year reaching over 3,000 pupils. This has resulted in local job creation, volunteer opportunities and learning opportunities, in an area surrounded by education and employment deprivation

The SeaQuest Coastal Science and Education outdoor learning programme has focused in 2018/19 on alignment to the new curriculum in Wales, in particular, to the outdoor learning and health and wellbeing agendas. This has proved popular with Primary and Secondary Schools and can be delivered to pupils with learning difficulties and disabilities. Curriculum aligned project work is also being developed.

A collaborative project with Keep Wales Tidy, Local Town Council and the Borough Council, delivered an inspiring Porthcawl Primary School Litter project. This has significantly raised awareness of coastline conservation including the litter issues around our local beaches.

SeaQuest conducted 10 local beach cleans attracting up to 40 people each time.  SeaQuest has generated a further two jobs in 2018/19.

Greenstream Flooring

Greenstream flooring – tackling fuel poverty and energy efficiency through simple yet innovative social enterprise model

The environmental need to extend the life-cycle of all materials is globally recognized – ‘we are facing an environmental catastrophe’.  The requirement to provide skills and knowledge in order to re-use/ repair comes is an obvious driver if we are to overcome our ‘instant disposal’ culture.

Greenstream has ten years of working to overcome one of the hidden aspects of living in poverty and that is the non-affordability of the basic warmth, comfort and dignity which having a carpet provides.  Immoral when you consider that one company alone in the Uk replaces  seven million m2 of carpet per year, 99.9% of which is either buried or burnt!

Greenstream’s mission is to maximize the community benefit of the sales and re-use of flooring.  It does this in the following ways:

1.It runs a national commercial carpet tile recovery operation, offering clients a zero-waste option for otherwise wasted carpet tiles.

2. It supplies and fits best circular flooring options to offices and schools in South Wales

3. It employs and provide training in circular flooring preparation and re-use.

4. It works with housing associations to overcome the effects of poverty by providing second-life carpet to low income social housing tenants.

RCMA Social Enterprise - Real Food! Real Life!

Connecting local businesses and communities through the celebration of culture, diversity and food 

Riverside Real Food Market was established 20 years ago, and its sister Roath Real Food Market established around 15 years ago to bring locally produced and farm fresh food to Cardiff every week and to support local food businesses and farmers.

Last year, we launched Real Food! Real Life! We recognised that our markets can help promote other local businesses, social enterprises, charities, community groups, artists, crafts people and performers. Our markets also have a unique opportunity to celebrate the rich and diverse culture in Wales. We network with a variety of community groups and organisations and reach out to the public to welcome and give opportunities to all communities at the market.

Taking place on a monthly basis at the Roath and / or Riverside Markets, Real Food! Real Life!  consists of informal events by the community for the community. Events include litter picks, craft demos, music, dance, poetry readings, fitness classes – and more.  Real Food! Real Life! promotes community in all its diversity by celebrating food, local businesses, groups and culture in the neighbourhoods where we run our farmers market.

This year, we have celebrated our local and diverse culture with a variety of performances such as  Successors of the Mandingue – West African Music and dance , traditional Morris dancing, and a choir consisting of services users and friends  of Oasis Cardiff, a non profit charity that aims to help Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Cardiff. By giving a space to Riverside Community Kitchen, we have helped them raise funds to serve hot, nourishing meals to displaced people in the UK & abroad.  Local crafts people and businesses have been able to promote their businesses by giving demos.

When you visit the market, you will not only find real food, but a chance to discover the richness and diversity of real life in the community.